The story of where it

All began


The Recession Hits...

Driven by the necessity of the recession and tired of there being no good independent lagers in Ireland, Cillian has the idea to set up his own brewery and take on the challenge.


Home Brewing In The Kitchen

After talking about beer non-stop for 4 years Nick and Cillian start home brewing in the family home kitchen.


Kicked Out Of The Kitchen

Having worn out our mum’s patience, production moves to a shed in the back garden. We/Nick had to build that shed first! Techniques and flavours are honed as home brewing continues over the next few years.


A Family Affair

In 2015 the entire family decides to make a real go at it and build a brewery as a joint family project.


Equipment Is Ordered

Orders are placed for all the tanks and equipment. Large enough that we could contract brew for others while we built up our own business.



Recipe Development Starts

Still staying true to the original plan, the main focus was lager beers but with new beer styles also being brought in.


Limited Release Beers

The first equipment starts arriving and commissioning takes us through to the end of 2017 while releasing some limited release beers.


Larkin's Brewing Co.

Bucking trends, we decide to use our mother’s name for the business and we formally name the company Larkin’s Brewing Co.


Irish Craft Beer Festival

Larkin's hit the market at the Irish Craft Beer Festival at the RDS with three lagers, a Kölsch, and a sweet stout. Boosted by great feedback, Larkin's continue with commissioning and prepare for a full launch in early 2018.


6 New Beers Go To Market

We still want to show just what lager-style beers can offer but we've now added a big juicy IPA and refreshing hoppy Pale Ale to our core range.